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Promoting Equity in Healthcare: An Early Intervention Webinar Series

The Challenge

Early intervention plays a crucial role in addressing the needs of young children with developmental delays or disabilities. However, it must be grounded in principles of equity. Equity in early intervention means ensuring that all children, regardless of their background or circumstances, have equal access to the services and support they need to reach their full potential.

How can we build health care providers’ capacity to understand how racial and cultural bias create an inequitable system–and the opportunities they have to eliminate disparities in their practices?


The Approach

Loma Linda Children’s Hospital partnered with VIVA for end-to-end support for their 2022 Equitable Approaches in Early Intervention webinar series. This included researching and coordinating with speakers, co-creating the learning agenda, creating promotional materials for outreach, and hosting and facilitating the webinar series. 

Meeting the Moment webinar series cover image

How successful we were:
Session 1, Dr. Marva Lewis: Promoting Cultural Routines: 245 attendees
Session 2, Dr. Kiti Friar Randall: Trauma & Delay: 273 attendees
Session 3, Dr. Dolores Subia Bigfoot: Rooting in Indigenous Wisdom: 229 attendees



“Wonderful presentation. A monthly series would be awesome!” - Series Attendee
“I love the [concept] of seeing babies as Sacred Bundles because they are.” - Series Attendee



Webinar Evaluation Results

Across all three sessions, attendees reported high levels of satisfaction with the format and content:

How engaging was today’s webinar?

  • Extremely engaging 65%
  • Very engaging 30%
  • A little engaging 5%
  • Neutral 0%
  • Not at all engaging 0%

Did today’s session provide you with new and interesting information?

  • A lot of new things 70%
  • A few new things 30%
  • I did not learn anything new 0%

“What a great session!  Thank you Dr. Kiti and thank you VIVA team for pulling it off with such ease. All of you are appreciated. Never doubt that the work you do has an impact.”

– Ron Stewart, Loma Linda Children’s Hospital