7 Simple Questions Sure to Break the Ice

Let’s face it – meetings can sometimes be a bit dull. But to start a meeting with the wind at your back, we recommend using these ice breakers to allow everyone a chance to arrive in the space, have a laugh, a moment of reflection, and an opportunity to learn something new about their colleagues. […]

Tools to Help Educators and Parents Talk to Children About Diversity and Inclusion

Helping children understand and value differences can be quite a task. VIVA worked with Quality Start LA to create Me and My Friends, a short e-book about a preschooler named Mateo who lives in LA County. The book was positioned alongside tips for parents and providers to help guide conversations about diversity and inclusion.

How Could Public Systems Work Better for Families?

That’s the question we’ve been asking during a year-long research and storytelling project to understand families’ experiences accessing and using public services to create better lives for their children. The first thing we did was research to understand a system that was redesigned to better work for the families that need it. Michigan made significant investments in redesigning […]

New Name, Same VIVA!

people clicking their heels

Having celebrated VIVA’s 8 year anniversary as a firm, we are proud to reflect on how we view our work, our team, and those we serve. We regularly discuss as a team what brings us together and what unifies our efforts, and at the end of these conversations, we always land on social impact partnerships. With this […]

QRIS 2019 Conference Recap

At this year’s Build #QRIS2019 Conference, we participated in some excellent sessions, delivered three presentations, spread the word about VIVA Goods, caught up with many familiar faces…and, of course, ate more than our share of beignets!

VIVA Summer Reading List

Did you know that summer reading programs began in the 1890s as a way to encourage school children, particularly those in urban areas, to read during their summer vacation?

Tips & Tools for Designing & Leading Powerful Meetings

Yes, meetings can be powerful. As professionals, there are times when we wonder, “Why are we meeting? Was that worth my time?” And other times when we walk away feeling the WOW of a great meeting. For those of us focused on social impact, it is worth pausing to think about how we can make our time together even better.

Empathy and Photography

Quick—how long would it take you to grab your phone and take a picture right now? 30 seconds? 1 minute? The ubiquitousness of smartphones means that we each have a camera, video camera, and ways of sharing what we’ve captured with the world at our fingertips, virtually all the time.

So what do we do with that?

Investing in the Nonprofit Sector by Strengthening Leadership Capacity

Effective nonprofits are vital to the healthy development and quality of life in any community. An effective nonprofit, is one with a strong capacity to deliver on its mission. Naturally, this starts with a clear mission and purpose, but it also includes strong governance and leadership as well as financial and professional development systems and infrastructure capacity.