The Ethel Seiderman Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood Education provides high quality professional development to support the early childhood education workforce in Marin County, California. The Institute was named in honor of the late Ethel Seiderman, a distinguished educator who believed that “every child deserves the opportunity to attend a high quality early childhood program, with teachers knowledgeable in child development and early learning.”

The Seiderman Institute enlisted VIVA Social Impact Partners to develop an integrated strategic and communications plan that captured the values of Ethel Seiderman while defining the organization’s strategic focus, its place within the College of Marin, and its work in the context of other community partners.

VIVA convened members of Ethel Seiderman’s “Wisdom Trust,” a group of community stakeholders familiar with Mrs. Seiderman’s vision, and conducted interviews with Seiderman family members, the Seiderman Institute’s leadership team, and community partners to understand the needs of the Marin County early education workforce and the community’s vision for honoring Ethel Seiderman’s legacy. VIVA also supported a national scan of similar professional development institutes to identify best practices in organizational structure, program offerings, and sustainability.

VIVA’s backbone support throughout the strategic planning process allowed the Seiderman Institute to solidify its operational model, governance structure, and projected budget. These items were captured in an integrated strategic and communications plan supplemented by an implementation plan with clearly defined owners, timelines, and dependencies that will guide the work of the Seiderman Institute for the next three years.

Key activities of this partnership:

  • Communications Plan Development
  • Executive Counsel
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Organizational Development
  • Partnership Development
  • Strategic Planning