Using data to inform decisions is a central component of the Quality Start Los Angeles (QSLA) team’s approach to improving access to quality early care for children in LA County. In recent work with QSLA, VIVA developed interactive heat maps to provide team members with data visualizations that could be used to foster learning, discussion, and decision making. VIVA developed over 60 maps, with three dashboards to provide quick access to key maps.

The data in the heat maps can be filtered by income level, unmet need, LPC (Local Planning Council) priority rating, Strong Start scores, and much more. Heat maps are layered by child care center locations and family child care density, by zip code. With access to so many cross-sections of data, QSLA has better insight into key differences by zip code across LA county. These maps are provided publicly to promote data transparency.

While data collection and visualization are not new areas of support offered by VIVA, this extensive interactive network of maps was the first of its kind. Take a look and click around—you will see the benefit of such a visual and interactive tool for alignment, learning, and discussion!

Key activities of this partnership:

  • Data Analysis
  • Data Collection, Cleaning and Review
  • Data Visualization