Children’s earliest experiences impact the rest of their lives.

The lived experience and insights of parents and families can be leveraged to refine and strengthen the systems that are designed to support them. A large body of research confirms that engaging families is critical for enhancing children’s learning and family well-being.

VIVA conducted a landscape analysis to gain insights into the different approaches, strategies, and best practices for engaging families. This research was conducted on behalf of Help Me Grow Inland Empire (HMGIE), which works to strengthen the Inland Empire’s cross-county early identification and intervention system. It highlights examples and opportunities for developing parent partnerships, particularly in Help Me Grow efforts.

What you’ll learn:

  • An Overview Of Family Engagement
  • The 3 Levels Of Engagement
  • Tools For Developing Parent And Family Partnership
  • Participant Ideas And Strategies For Engaging Families
  • 14 Barriers To Building And Sustaining Parent And Family Partnerships
  • 8 Opportunities For Strengthening Parent And Family Partnership
  • 5 Key Recommendations To Enhance Your Family Engagement Efforts