School readiness is a multidimensional measure of children’s skills and developmental preparedness for kindergarten. Research shows that the first five years of development impact children’s outcomes over the course of their lifetime. Thanks to federal guidelines, support, and funding for early childhood education, communities across the nation have increasingly embraced the value of school readiness. Kindergarten Readiness Assessments (KRAs) define, measure, and collect information on the school readiness of children, and that data can be used to inform positive system changes to ensure every child’s successful transition into formal education.

First 5 LA, in partnership with the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, began an effort to establish a uniform KRA for Los Angeles County. First 5 LA contracted with Children Now and VIVA Strategy & Communications to facilitate the planning the development of a long-term plan for KRA in LA. VIVA conducted research to identify the key conditions leading to KRA adoption in other states, and used those findings to help plan an approach for achieving KRA adoption in LA County and activate community partners in the effort.

Key activities of this partnership:

  • Best Practice Research
  • Collective Impact
  • Community Engagement
  • Event Planning and Coordination
  • Graphic Design
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Systems Change