With lost revenue due to COVID-required closures, as well as class size restrictions and uncertain regulations for re-opening, our client needed to understand their changing revenue and cost structure moving forward, including their ability to cover fixed costs, such as rent. VIVA worked with our client to review their finances, taking into account expected child count and pricing upon re-opening. We reviewed multiple scenarios for pricing, as well as rent payment affordability. By developing multiple scenarios, VIVA partnered with our client to determine pricing for re-opening, as well as a floor and ceiling for rent negotiation.

Key activities of this partnership:

  • Data collection, cleaning, and review
  • Data analysis and synthesis
  • Data visualization
  • Data reporting
  • Tableau
  • Excel

“With the sudden closure of our locations due to COVID-19, and the uncertainty surrounding re-opening with new regulations, understanding potential costs and revenues was critical. VIVA brought their analytical skills and knowledge of other agencies, as well as patience and understanding, in helping us develop a financial model for some very difficult times during this pandemic. I would not hesitate to recommend any of the VIVA staff to work with and help guide your business/school in any way necessary. We have counted on VIVA for many years and they have never disappointed!”
– Terri Tedford, Owner, After School