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First 5 Sonoma County Read Talk Play Social Marketing Campaign: Marketing Plan and Brand Strategy

The Challenge

First 5 Sonoma County recognized the importance of the attachment between babies and toddlers and their parents, and wanted to foster strong attachment in their community, especially among high-risk populations. First 5 Sonoma County hired VIVA to develop and execute a bilingual social marketing campaign designed to teach parents about the importance of engaging with their young children.

VIVA developed a marketing plan and brand strategy for a social marketing campaign that blended community outreach and partnerships with grassroots social media content to meet parents where they were already seeking parenting information—in the community and online.

How do you help parents get connected and learn about early childhood development without putting more on their plates? 

The Approach

VIVA developed a three-year marketing plan and corresponding yearly action plans to support the social marketing campaign. VIVA created a new name and brand identity for the campaign that was playful, accessible, and memorable. To ensure that the brand and campaign would be meaningful to the target audience, VIVA conducted research into best practices for marketing outreach and conducted focus groups of local parents in English and Spanish to gain feedback on the brand and to better understand their media and social media consumption habits. The result was an educational campaign that fostered healthy attachment through simple messaging and accessible resources to get parents to read, talk, and play with their young children. 

This work was part of a comprehensive three-year social marketing campaign that dramatically increased the number of parents engaging with and learning from First 5 Sonoma County. 




Once the plan was in place, VIVA supported with redeveloping the First 5 Sanoma website and relaunching their social media platforms. Read more about that work here! 

With their platforms relaunched, First 5 Sonoma County launched the Read Talk Play campaign across their platforms to drive home the message. Spoiler alert, that campaign was a smashing success. Read more about it!