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First 5 Sonoma County Read Talk Play Social Marketing Campaign: Website and Social Media

The Challenge

The connections that are made in young children’s brains determine how they will learn, their emotional development, and impact their lifelong success. These connections are established as children experience the world around them and as they build relationships with their parents and caregivers. As part of a comprehensive social marketing campaign, First 5 Sonoma County hired VIVA to create a bilingual website and social media platforms to reach parents parents of young children where they are already seeking information, and educate them about this critical stage of early development.

VIVA designed and coordinated a three-year web and social online campaign featuring daily bilingual content for parents. Over the course of the three-year campaign, the Facebook audience grew 1,900%, and English and Spanish website visits increased 174% and 388% respectively.

What do families want to see that will make them engage with early childhood development? 

The Approach

VIVA designed and developed a campaign website, blog, and social media campaign that provided parents tools, tips, and information about engaging with their young children. VIVA executed all aspects of the social media campaign, including creating daily Facebook content, writing bimonthly blog posts, and producing 12 video blogs. All content was designed to be accessible to all literacy levels and was developed in both English and Spanish. VIVA also managed campaign promotion, including utilizing paid advertising and coordinating promotional contests and events to grow an engaged audience.

This work was part of a comprehensive three-year social marketing campaign that dramatically increased the number of parents engaging with and learning from First 5 Sonoma County.




With their platforms relaunched, First 5 Sonoma County launched the Read Talk Play campaign across their platforms to drive home the message. Spoiler alert, that campaign was a smashing success. Read more about it! 

Before this began, VIVA partnered with First 5 Sonoma County to create a marketing plan and brand strategy. That process required us to dive deep into strategy and reflect their unique community. Learn more about that process!