Krista Beams, MFA

Digital & Graphic Designer

(650) 622-4430

About Krista

Krista is committed to creating clean and accessible designs to help visualize strategies for social change. At VIVA, Krista translates data and ideas into aesthetic and effective visuals that support the initiatives of clients. Previously, Krista created graphics and web content for the U.S. national branch of a global organization and has worked as a designer, elementary arts teacher, and university instructor. When she’s not designing on the computer, Krista is also a practicing traditional oil painter. She creates large, colorful works of art about women and representation in mass media. Krista has a Master of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Science in Visualization from Texas A&M University

Hidden Talent: Juggling (but only 3 items)

Favorite Word: Phthalo

I’m Inspired By: My grandmother

Super Power I’d Like to Have: Instant transmission – like Goku!