Kelila Krantz

Associate Consultant, Data and Analytics

(650) 622-4431

About Kelila

Kelila is a compassionate and analytical professional motivated by bringing creativity and innovation to the public sector. In her role at VIVA, she works with the data team to collect, analyze and report data in accessible ways that empower clients to amplify their impact through data-supported strategy, decision-making, and action. Prior to VIVA, Kelila worked at the Port of San Francisco as a finance and policy analyst and participated in the San Francisco Fellows Program, a year-long public administration fellowship with the City and County of San Francisco. Kelila received a Bachelor of Arts from University of California, Davis in International Relations and a minor in Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning. When not diving deep into spreadsheets and creating data visualizations, she can be found hiking, roller skating, printmaking, and trying out new recipes.

Hidden Talent: Roller skating

Favorite Word: Zephyr – a soft gentle breeze

I’m Inspired By: Resilience

Super Power I’d Like to Have: Grow all of my own food