Katy Nagy, MDP

Senior Consultant

(650) 517-6114

About Katy

Katy believes in the fundamental importance of human relationships and community-driven change. At VIVA, she leads partnerships in building sustainable systems to meaningfully meet the needs of families and communities. Examples of her work include leading the facilitation of an emergency COVID-19 Task Force in Riverside County; providing technical assistance to community-based organizations building referral systems for young children with developmental delays in Los Angeles County; and the development and implementation of the evaluation plan for Mendocino County’s Oral Program

Before coming to VIVA, she worked for a nonprofit organization serving newcomer refugee and immigrant youth. Through her work in program management and organizational capacity building, she became passionate about centering communities to address inequities and advance change at a systems level.


M.D.P., University of California, Berkeley
B.B.A., Villanova University

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