Joseline Delgadillo

Associate Consultant

(650) 517-6114

About Joseline

Joseline (She/Her/Ella) is a passionate social justice activist, researcher, and data expert who has dedicated her career to promoting equity and change at all systems levels. She coordinates large-scale, multi-faceted projects across VIVA’s service areas. With a strong background in research, data analysis, and project management, she has become a respected voice serving the communities and systems in the San Francisco Bay Area. Before VIVA, Joseline spent her time managing several clinical studies focused on serving systems-impacted youth and behavioral health research. Joseline’s work has been recognized through several publications and poster presentations at national conferences. 

Joseline is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys spending time restoring her old model car. 

B.A. Social work and Latino studies – San Francisco State University

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