Jaelyn Edwards


(650) 525-4306

About Jaelyn

Jaelyn designs and improves social systems of support throughout California. Her thorough and multifaceted project management is rooted in empathy. She facilitates client journey maps, conducts focus groups, and  other customized, innovative community engagement approaches. Her work facilitates the design and implementation of more effective programming, centered around the strengths and needs of people from unique communities. Jaelyn is an expert project manager and researcher who keeps the many moving parts of social impact efforts organized. She is methodical, thoughtful, and intentional about using data to tell community stories. Prior to joining VIVA, she worked in both direct care and clinical research settings focused on children and adults with developmental disorders. During her time at Stanford University, Jaelyn managed autism research and contributed to published work on autism. Jaelyn envisions a world where understanding and compassion for one another are societal norms. 

B.S., Psychology, Tulane University

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