Christina Collosi, MEd

Managing Partner

(650) 517-6230

About Christina

Christina co-founded VIVA Social Impact Partners in 2011 after spending fifteen years serving communities in educational, nonprofit, and government settings. Her dedication to effective collaboration and disruptive innovation is the core of all of VIVA’s partnerships. Christina’s planning processes result in community transformation. She is an expert advisor, supporting clients as they plan for impact and develop partnerships. Christina is invigorated by complicated, high-stakes projects, never failing to have fun along the way. As an adventure junkie, she thrives while navigating difficult challenges, whether they arisein the middle of a meeting, or while hand-crafting a canoe on an international adventure. Christina’s work is motivated by the longstanding core value that human suffering is not inevitable, acceptable, or just. When working with clients and partners, Christina enjoys outcome-focused strategy discussions, scenario planning, and finding common ground among stakeholders. She is quick on her feet, always able crack a joke while addressing communities’ most pressing challenges.

M.Ed., Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
B.S., Biology, University of California, Santa Barbara