VIVA catalyzes social change by blending innovative strategic approaches with experienced facilitation and thoughtful capacity building. 

We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all model for progress. That’s why we deeply listen to understand our clients’ objectives and conduct focused analysis to devise viable, successful solutions.

Our core consulting services

Strategic planning

Strategic planning and implementation can and should be transformative. We design processes that engage and inspire, research and analyze to understand the opportunities, and then help our social impact clients make the vision reality.


Facilitation is about carefully planning, deeply listening, and thoughtfully guiding to ensure that the right conversations take place and lead to effective action. We are expert facilitators who help groups advance their social impact objectives.

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Leadership development

What do leaders need to be effective change agents? We support emerging and established leaders to build their organizations’ capacity, effectively engage their boards and staff, and navigate evolving landscapes to create systems change.

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Partnership building

Social impact organizations have greater impact when they don’t go it alone. We help clients forge strong partnerships, align resources and goals, develop effective governance structures, and craft common messages.

Our work in action


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